Fiddler on the roof

Fiddler on the roof

Crash Bang Wallop are back with a classic musical, Fiddler on the Roof!

The story revolves around Tevye, the dairyman, and his family, who live in the village of Anatevka, a small Jewish settlement in Russia. Life in Anatevka is hard, but is sustained and shaped by the traditions of the Jewish way of life. Some of these are under threat from modern ways, such as the role of Yenta, the matchmaker, and Tevye has to eventually accept his three daughters choosing their own husbands.

This is a well-written musical, with moving ballads, lively high energy company numbers and a good sprinkling of humour. The storyline is centuries old and shared by many communities and is still current today.

CBW are renowned for  their professional performances, that are full of energy; this will be no different. Book now, for what we promise will be a great night out!

Wednesday 6 Feb 201919:30 Book Now
Thursday 7 Feb 201919:30 Book Now
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Saturday 9 Feb 201919:30 Book Now

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