CBW In the Heights

CBW In the Heights

Tickets on sale May 15th 10AM.

CBW Youth Theatre are excited and proud to present to you ‘In the Heights’, a joyous and fast-paced musical from the pen of the creator of ‘Hamilton’, Lin-Manuel Miranda, which has played to packed audiences all around the world. (Miranda also wrote the music for ‘Moana’).

It’s a hot, hot summer in Washington Heights, Manhattan, as the residents of the street go about their daily business, doing their best to get by. Most of them have come here from all over Central America looking for a better life-there’s the girls who work in the hair salon; the hardworking couple who run the taxi company, slaving away all hours to earn enough to send their clever daughter to University; the local graffiti artist, and the piragua guy, keeping everyone cool with his ice cones. They are introduced to us by the central character, the owner of the corner store, Usnavi – so called because his parents named him after the first thing they saw on their arrival; a ship bearing the logo U.S. Navy. All the inhabitants of the street are watched over by Abuela (grandmother) Claudia, who has fed the birds and cared for a whole generation of children and families for as long as anyone can remember.

The central themes of the musical are about home, belonging, community, the restless desire to move on, or stay put, to find a better life, somewhere…. the love stories are ‘grown-up’ versions of the familiar boy meets girl, everyone lives happily ever after, and are more complex and truer to life. The quick fire humour sparkles, and the music and dancing evoke the sultry heat of a Latin summer.

The cast of CBW are so thrilled to be performing this show, and would love to share their joy and energy with you. Book now to be sure of your place at the street party that is ‘In the Heights’!

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