Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

Crash Bang Wallop Youth Theatre return to Northallerton Forum with their summer show, the very lively, very funny, very pink ‘Legally Blonde’.

Sassy, fashionable socialite Elle Woods is shocked to her core when, instead of proposing to her, as eagerly anticipated, her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III informs her that she is not serious enough to be part of his life plan: he is heading for Harvard Law School, and expects to become a senator by the age of thirty, and she just does not fit!

Encouraged by her college friends, who pop up from time to time like a frilly and hilarious Greek chorus, Elle decides to challenge him, and in so doing, discovers that there is a lot more to life, and to herself, than she realised.

Crash Bang Wallop Youth Theatre’s shows are always met with much enthusiasm and praise, and they recently won a NODA Youth Award for their production of ‘West Side Story’.

Comments from their last show, ‘Spamalot’, include:

“such talent, professionalism and energy from the whole cast and crew”,

“I’ve never laughed so much at a live show”,

“such fab comic timing, had the whole audience in stitches”,

“the obvious enjoyment and confidence of the cast is plain to see”, and “can’t wait for the next production”.

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