Dinosaur Invasion

Dinosaur Invasion

In an old abandoned laboratory setting Doctor Stone is awaiting the arrival of Professor Flint from the World renown Dinosaur Museum to share with him the amazing local discovery of what appears to be remnants from the Jurassic Age.

Unbeknown to him he has been overheard speaking about this by a cheeky Chimp by the name of Chip who is the sidekick of the not very nice Nick o Saurus who decides to try and get hold of these Dinosaurs and sell them for a big profit.

Nick persuades Doctor Stone that he is Professor Flint and as more and more Dinosaurs are discovered he sets about getting them for himself.

As the Dinosaurs are brought out to show the audience and get to learn some of the incredible facts about each type they are getting bigger and bigger and taking more handling.

Lots of audience participation and interaction is involved in the presentation of the Dinosaur Invasion and there are fun and games around every corner which will keep the audience of all ages captivated.

Over 16 realistic Dinosaurs, puppets, animatronics and characters are involved in making this unique fun filled family show happen

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