The Flint Street Nativity

The Flint Street Nativity

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a nativity and this nativity will have you laughing in the stable! We're delighted that popular local amateur drama society, The Allerton Players, are back on The Forum stage with a new comedy by the author of Calendar Girls.

The children of Flint Street primary school (all played by adults) are putting on a nativity play, although some seem more committed to it than others! Some are not happy with the part they have been given, some are more interested in their favourite television series or the class pet, and others are concerned about their parents coming to see them. Or not coming... Funny and sad at turns, this play will bring back memories of all the school nativity plays you've ever seen!

"...exposes what an ungodly snake pit of paediatric power politics the staging of your average Nativity play can be" Alfred Hickling - The Guardian

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