Cars 3

Cars 3 (PG)

Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. To get back in the game, he will need the help of an eager young race technician, Cruz Ramirez, with her own plan to win, plus inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a few unexpected turns. Proving that #95 isn’t through yet will test the heart of a champion on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage!

Tuesday 22 Aug 201714:00 Book Now

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My Life as a Courgette

My Life as a Courgette (PG)

Courgette (Zucchini) is an intriguing nickname for a 9-year-old boy. Although his unique story is surprisingly universal. After his mother's disappearance, Courgette is befriended by a police officer Raymond, who accompanies him to his new foster home filled with other orphans his age. At first he struggles to find his place in this strange, at times, hostile environment. Yet with Raymond's help and his new-found friends, Courgette eventually learns to trust and might find true love.

Director: Claude Barras        

Stars: Gaspard Schlatter, Sixtine Murat, Paulin Jaccoud

Run Time: 66 minutes

Tuesday 22 Aug 201712:00 Book Now

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Gifted (12A)

Frank Adler is a single man raising a child prodigy - his spirited young niece Mary - in a coastal town in Florida. Frank's plans for a normal school life for Mary are foiled when the 7-year-old's mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank's formidable mother, Evelyn, whose plans for her granddaughter threaten to separate Frank and Mary.

Director: Marc Webb        

Stars: Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan        

Run Time: 104 minutes

Friday 25 Aug 201714:30 Book Now
Friday 25 Aug 201720:00 Book Now
Saturday 26 Aug 201717:30 Book Now
Sunday 27 Aug 201720:00 Book Now

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The Beguiled

The Beguiled (15)

Cpl. John McBurney is an injured Union soldier who finds himself on the run as a deserter during the Civil War. He seeks refuge at an all-female Southern boarding school where the teachers and students seem more than willing to help. Soon, sexual tensions lead to dangerous rivalries as the women tend to his wounded leg while offering him comfort and companionship.

Director: Sofia Coppola        

Stars: Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning

Run Time: 94 minutes

Friday 25 Aug 201717:30 Book Now
Saturday 26 Aug 201714:30 Book Now
Saturday 26 Aug 201720:00 Book Now

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Spark: A Space Tail

Spark: A Space Tail (PG)

Spark is a wisecracking teenage monkey who lives on an abandoned planet with his friends Chunk and Vix. Thirteen years ago, power-hungry Zhong seized control of their planet Beta, wiping out Spark's family and sending him into hiding. Now, Zhong plans to use the deadly space Kraken to destroy the entire universe, and no one but Spark can stop him

Director: Aaron Woodley        

Stars: Jessica Biel, Patrick Stewart, Susan Sarandon        

Run Time: 91 minutes

Sunday 27 Aug 201714:30 Book Now
Monday 28 Aug 201714:30 Book Now
Tuesday 29 Aug 201712:00 Book Now

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Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants (U)

George Beard and Harold Hutchins are two overly imaginative pranksters who spend hours in a treehouse creating comic books. When their mean principal threatens to separate them into different classes, the mischievous boys accidentally hypnotize him into thinking that he's a ridiculously enthusiastic, incredibly dim-witted superhero named Captain Underpants.

Director: David Soren                

Stars: Kevin Hart, Thomas Middleditch, Ed Helms        

Run Time: 89 minutes

Sunday 27 Aug 201717:30 Book Now
Monday 28 Aug 201712:00 Book Now
Tuesday 29 Aug 201714:30 Book Now

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Tommy's Honour

Tommy's Honour (PG)

Based on the powerfully moving true story of the challenging relationship between “Old” Tom and “Young” Tommy Morris, the dynamic father-son team who ushered in the modern game of golf. As their fame grew, Tom an dTommy, Scotland’s Gold Royalty; were touched by drama and personal tragedy. At first matching his father’s success, Tommy’s talent and fame grew to outshine his father’s accomplishments and respect as founder of the Open Championship in 1860 with a series of his own triumphs. But in contrast to Tommy’s public persona, his personal turmoil ultimately led him to rebel against both the aristocracy who giave him opportunity and the parents who shunned his passionate relationship wish wife.

Director: Jason Connery

Stars: Peter Mullan, Jack Lowden, Ophelia Lovibond and Sam Neill.

Run Time: 117 mins.

Friday 1 Sep 201714:30 Book Now
Sunday 3 Sep 201717:30 Book Now

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Wilson (15)

Feeling lonely and isolated, Wilson (Woody Harrelson) tracks down Pippa (Laura Dern), the ex-wife who left him 17 years earlier. She tells the neurotic and middle-aged misanthrope that he is the father of a teenager named Claire (Isabella Amara). Shocked, excited and hopeful, Wilson embarks on a madcap quest to connect with the daughter he never knew he had.

Director: Craig Johnson

Stars: Woody Harrleson, Laura Dern and Isabella Amara.

Runtime: 101 minutes

Friday 1 Sep 201717:30 Book Now
Sunday 3 Sep 201715:00 Book Now

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The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie (PG)

The Emoji Movie (PG)

Hidden inside a smartphone, the bustling city of Textopolis is home to all emoji’s. Each emoji has only one facial expression, except for Gene, an exuberant emoji with multiple expressions. Determined to become "normal" like the other emoji’s, Gene enlists the help of his best friend Hi-5 and a notorious code breaker called Jailbreak. During their travels through the other apps, the three emoji’s discover a great danger that could threaten their phone's very existence.

Director: Tony Leondis        

Stars: T.J. Miller, Anna Faris, Sofía Vergara, Patrick Stewart        

Run Time: TBC

Monday 4 Sep 201714:30 Book Now
Saturday 9 Sep 201712:00 Book Now
Sunday 10 Sep 201710:00 Book Now

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Baywatch (15)

Mitch Buchannon is head of a team of the most elite lifeguards in the country, maybe even the planet. But the council is about to cut this beach hero's funding.

With the Baywatch brand in danger, what can Mitch and the team do to salvage this impending wreckage?

It's time to bring in Matt Brody - double gold medallist and a bit of a loose cannon.

With Matt now a part of the team, it's business as usual until a dead body turns up on the shore. Investigating further, all hell is about to break loose for the Baywatch gang, as they go to new lengths to protect the safety of those on the beach.

Director: Seth Gordon Run Time:  119 minutes

Stars: Zac Effron, Dwayne Johnson

Friday 15 Sep 201714:30 Book Now
Saturday 16 Sep 201720:00 Book Now
Sunday 17 Sep 201717:30 Book Now

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Girl's Trip

Girl's Trip (15)

When four lifelong friends travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival, sisterhoods are rekindled, wild sides are rediscovered, and there's enough dancing, drinking, brawling, and romancing to make the Big Easy blush.

Director: Malcolm D. Lee                

Stars: Kate Walsh, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah

Run Time: TBC

Saturday 16 Sep 201717:30 Book Now
Sunday 17 Sep 201714:30 Book Now
Sunday 17 Sep 201720:00 Book Now

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A Change In The Weather

A Change In The Weather (TBC)

In an attempt to revisit a creative collaboration and revive his marriage, a theatre director brings together a group of performers to spend a week with him and his wife in an isolated, mountainous part of southern France. As the work progresses, fiction and reality become blurred and there is a constant tension between the characters' own lives and the nature of the work - an investigation into the changing nature of love.

Director: Jon Sanders                

Stars: Meret Becker, Douglas Finch, Maxine Finch        

Run Time: 99 minutes

Friday 22 Sep 201714:30 Book Now
Friday 22 Sep 201720:00 Book Now
Sunday 24 Sep 201720:00 Book Now

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The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature

The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature (PG)

When the evil mayor of Oakton decides to tear down Liberty Park and build an amusement park in its place, Surly, Buddy, Andie and the rest of the animals are suddenly homeless! Surly tries to fight back, but realizes it’s not going to be easy.The mayor has got an animal control squad patrolling the park… Precious has been dognapped by the mayor’s hyperactive daughter… And Surly has offended Mr. Feng, an adorable city mouse with deadly kung-fu skills.Surly realizes that he has to put aside his differences with the animals and get everybody to work together in order to defeat the mayor, rescue Precious, and save Liberty Park… Before it’s too late!

Director: Cal Brunker                

Stars: Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, Maya Rudolph        

Run Time: (TBC)

Friday 22 Sep 201717:30 Book Now
Sunday 24 Sep 201717:30 Book Now

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Maudie (12A)

‘Maudie’, based on a true story, is an unlikely romance in which the reclusive Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) hires a fragile yet determined woman named Maudie (Sally Hawkins) to be his housekeeper. Maudie, bright-eyed but hunched with crippled hands, yearns to be independent, to live away from her protective family and she also yearns, passionately, to create art. Unexpectedly, Everett finds himself falling in love. ‘Maudie’ charts Everett’s efforts to protect himself from being hurt, Maudie’s deep and abiding love for this difficult man and her surprising rise to fame as a folk painter.

Director: Aisling Walsh        

Stars: Sally Hawkins, Ethan Hawke, Kari Matchett        

Run Time: 115minutes

Saturday 30 Sep 201712:00 Book Now
Sunday 1 Oct 201717:30 Book Now

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Final Portrait

Final Portrait (15)

Paris, 1964. Alberto Giacometti, the celebrated artist, bumps into his old friend, a respected American critic, James Lord, and suggests that he sit for a portrait because he has an interesting face. Lord is flattered by the request, but as the days go by and turn into weeks and weeks seemingly with no end in sight, he realises his entire life has been hijacked by the erratic genius. The portrait continues to ebb and flow. Veering between frustration and joy, Lord ultimately sees logic in the artist's chaotic mind and witnesses Giacometti complete one of his last masterpieces.

Sunday 1 Oct 201715:00 Book Now
Sunday 1 Oct 201720:00 Book Now

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