Wit & wisdom of Victoria Wood

Wit & wisdom of Victoria Wood (U)

Chris Foote Wood tells how his sister Victoria grew from an unhappy teenager into much-loved national treasure with her many talents as comic, singer-songwriter, actor, writer and producer.

Followed by Q&A and book signing.

Friday 23 Mar 201819:00 Book Now

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Professor Winston - Improve your learning

Professor Winston - Improve your learning (U)

We all can improve how we learn.  

We learn fastest when young, but we can continue effective learning into old age.

If we keep learning we are likely to be healthier, happier and have a useful, longer life.  

This exciting, illustrated talk shows how recent research highlights not only how valuable learning is,

but also what we all can do to improve our learning in and out of school, and reap the rewards long afterwards.

Robert Winston, one of the most instantly recognisable scientists in the country  is a compelling speaker, bringing complex issues to life with infectious enthusiasm and energy. He will take a Q&A session at the end of his talk.


Professor Robert Winston  has been responsible for making science understandable to generations, from Your Life in Their Hands on BBC Television from 1979 – 1987 and The Human Body in 1998 to more recent programmes on the human mind. He is one of our leading specialists on fertility and IVF and popularised the subject with television series such as Making Babies in 1996 and The Human Body in 1998, The Secret Life of Twins in 1999 and Superhuman in 2000.  Most recently he presented six programme for BBC’s Child against All Odds. His most recent book on science is The Utterly Amazing Human Body, a pop-up book that teaches children how the body works.

Sunday 22 Apr 201814:30 Book Now

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The Yorkshire Vet

The Yorkshire Vet

Yorkshire Vet, Julian Norton is coming to the Forum and will be in conversation with Kate Fox.

Star of the popular Channel 5 series "The Yorkshire Vet" and author of two books: "Horses, Heifers and Hairy Pigs: The Life of a Yorkshire Vet" and "A Yorkshire Vet Through the Seasons”, Julian will be talking about his life as a vet in rural North Yorkshire, as well as his recent experiences as a television personality, and what it’s been like to follow in the footsteps of James Herriot both as a vet and an author. At the end of the conversation Julian will be taking questions from the audience.

This is sure to be a relaxed, fun and entertaining evening.

About Julian Norton

Born in Castleford, Julian studied at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield, before qualifying as a vet at Cambridge University. He joined the Thirsk practice in 1996. In 2015 Julian became the main character in a documentary series screened on Channel 5 – “The Yorkshire Vet”. The TV show became a hit, attracting an audience of over 2 million and reaching as far afield as New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

About Kate Fox

Kate Fox is a stand-up poet, writer, comedian and performer. She has appeared on Radio 4 with a series called ‘The Price of Happiness’, and has a second comedy series being aired on the radio station this summer. She has been a poet in residence for the Great North Run, Saturday Live on Radio 4 and the Glastonbury Festival.

Friday 18 May 201819:30 Book Now

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