We all want to believe that we would know if we came into contact with a serial killer, that somehow our natural intuition would raise our physical hackles that would alert us to the very real threat around us.

That myth, that we could somehow sniff out the angel of death is sadly why the term ‘serial killer’ was coined. Their body count is so high, because we all like to imagine that finding ourselves at the hands of a tortuous murderer simply wouldn’t happen to us.

The truth is sadly that anyone can fall fowl of a serial killer, because humans like to trust, and serial killers use this knowledge as a weapon. Maybe you simply accept that lift home, or agree to have dinner with your internet hook up, or find yourself taking a shortcut with the clean-cut, nice guy who started chatting to you whilst you strolled home? and then it’s game over, because rare though they may be, serial killers live amongst us, move between us, are even married to us, and only by studying their behaviour, can we adapt ours to give us a fighting chance of survival should they sliver into our lives.

Emma Kenny will take you on a journey looking at what ingredients of possibility lead to body counts by killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Paul Knowles. What creates a serial killer, and could anything have prevented their potential being activated, or were they simply born to kill?

This event is for 18 and over - No refunds will be issued for under 18s.

Saturday 25 Jun 202219:30 Book Now

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O’Sullivan Events invite you to join us for an evening with Jason Robinson, MBE, a sporting legend who reached the summit in both Rugby League and Rugby Union.

Hear Jason's inspirational story about his challenging journey from childhood to his rapid rise to fame as an international rugby star. He will talk about how he has pushed himself professionally and what he has achieved, including winning the World Cup with England in 2003, receiving honours from the Queen and building world class teams.

His story will inspire, make you laugh and resonate, whether you’re a rugby fan or not.

VIP Tickets £35

Meet Jason & have a professional photograph with him that we will print for you to take home on the night.

A4 Event poster signed by Jason.

Seating in rows A or B.

Full entry to the show.

Standard Ticket £25

Full entry to show.

Friday 9 Sep 202219:45 Book Now

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A Romp With The Georgians


David Harper is a well known BBC TV antiques presenter. He’s been presenting on shows like Bargain Hunt, Flog It and Antiques Road Trip for 20 years. He’s also an artist, a public / after dinner speaker / auctioneer and a writer. His recently published book ‘A Romp With The Georgians’ is a humorous, light hearted look at life in Britain during the Georgian period 1714 - 1830.


The book is packed with funny, outrageous and dastardly historical stories our history teachers didn’t tell us!… and it’s now been turned into a stand up comedy, family friendly history show. Stories range from strange Georgian pets, binge drinking, Georgian cosmetic surgery, electrified beds, smugglers, money launderers, fashion disasters, dodgy politicians and how to sell your spouse in auction…amongst many other very unusual, but true tales!


Lots of audience participation in the form of questions. No two shows are the same, as it’s unscripted and reactive (depending on the questions).


Family friendly, suitable for ages 12 and up.



Friday 30 Sep 202219:30 Book Now

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You’ve never seen me like this before. You’ve never been this close. I’m inviting you to spend an intimate evening with me – think of it as coming back to my place for a night of stories and songs. Pellow Talk is a chance to learn all about me, not just as a singer and songwriter with Wet Wet Wet, but as a boy and a man. It’s a chance to understand the DNA of the hits that we’ve listened to and loved over the years. The evening will be wrapped in music, from songs you know to ones you’ll get to know. There’ll be laughter as we travel from the banks of the River Clyde to the top of the charts, then onto Broadway and beyond. There’ll be no mask and no character. This is me, Marti, stepping out of the shadows, speaking directly to you. The invitation is there. I hope you come and spend some time with me. Enough living has been done for a life to unfold. Enough years have passed for a story to be told.

- Marti Pellow

VIP tickets come with a goody bag and the best seats.

Super VIP tickets come with a meet and greet, a goody bag and the best seats.

Sunday 9 Oct 202219:30 Book Now

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He’s been a major star for four decades. Paul Young broke into the big time 40 years ago when No Parlez went to number one and spawned iconic hits like Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home). More success followed with the number one album The Secret Of Association and the worldwide hit Everytime You Go Away, not forgetting an appearance at Live Aid and more. Paul sustained that success – while having fun in his tex-mex band, Los Pacaminos. Now, on the 40th anniversary of No Parlez, he’s releasing a remarkable new record and publishing his extraordinary memoir; both called Behind The Lens. He’s touring the UK, too, where he’ll meet fans, sing hits and tell stories about his incredible career. It’s time to revel in the classic hits and learn the stories behind them as Paul steps out from Behind The Lens.

Sunday 24 Sep 202319:30 Book Now (Please Call Box Office)

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